Fatimah Ibrahim K Alsaleh

Doctor of Philosophy, (Education)
Study Completed: 2019
College of Humanities & Social Sciences


Thesis Title
Preparedness to teach: The perspective of Saudi female pre-service mathematics teachers

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Being well prepared and experiencing a sense of preparedness for teaching is a key learning outcome of any initial teacher education (ITE) program. In order to understand more about the nature, development, and sufficiency of mathematics teacher readiness to teach, Ms Alsaleh explored the phenomenon of preparedness through investigating how well Saudi pre-service teachers perceived themselves to be prepared to teach mathematics at secondary or middle schools. She operationalised the construct of preparedness through a survey of pre-service teachers' efficacy to teach mathematics and an interview-based exploration of the factors influencing these perceptions. In the Saudi context, pre-service teachers' levels of preparedness were strongly influenced by practicum experiences, and the tensions between mathematics education reforms and traditional practice. Ms Alsaleh's research provides suggestions for improvements in ITE that would improve pre-service teachers' levels of preparedness and contribute to teaching quality in Saudi Arabia.

Dr Glenda Anthony
Associate Professor Jodie Hunter