Grace McNatty

Doctor of Clinical Psychology, (Psychology)
Study Completed: 2017
College of Humanities & Social Sciences


Thesis Title
Becoming the Spoke in the Wheel: Wraparound and the Theory of Change: An Investigation into What Promotes Changes within Wraparound

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Wraparound is a team-based, collaborative care planning practice proposing to provide individualised care for adolescents and their families with high and complex needs. A theory for how change might occur for people involved within a Wraparound Theory of Change (WTOC) process was created but was yet to be evaluated. Ms McNatty assessed the fidelity of a Wraparound service within a New Zealand context, and conducted semi-structured interviews with families involved with Wraparound. Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis was adopted to analyse interview data which suggested that families experienced changes from Wraparound in areas of family connectedness, psychological acceptance, self-efficacy, and social supports. These findings were closely related to the pathways to change proposed by the WTOC, with the additional finding of psychological acceptance. Recommendations included the addition of psychological acceptance to the WTOC, and increased focus on the integration of family voice and choice into Wraparound planning and transition phases by services

Associate Professor Keith Tuffin
Dr Ruth Tarrant