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Carlo Danieli

Doctor of Philosophy, (Physics)
Study Completed: 2016
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Advances in Classical and Quantum Wave Dynamics on Quasiperiodic Lattices

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Lattices and discrete models are cornerstones of theoretical physics, since they constitute ideal benchmarks to theoretically analyse and experimentally test plenty of natural phenomena. Ever since the discovery of the phenomenon of single particle localisation in one-dimensional chains due to the presence of uncorrelated uniformly distributed impurities, the study of the dynamics of one and many interacting particles on heterogeneous media has become a central topic within the condensed matter community. Mr Danieli examined the case of quasiperiodic alterations in space and time of one-dimensional and quasi one-dimensional lattices, highlighting and explaining phenomena of metal-insulator transitions of the transport of single and interacting quantum particles. His research insights not only advance the global understanding of localisation and transition phenomena in condensed matter physics, but might also suggest possible setups for future experimental studies.

Professor Sergej Flach
Distinguished Professor Gaven Martin
Dr Joshua Bodyfelt