Ryan Holland

Doctor of Philosophy, (Management information Systems)
Study Completed: 2013
Massey Business School


Thesis Title
Governance of New Zealand National Sport Organisations: Pasifika and Maori Voices

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Mr Holland investigated Pasifika and Maori status within New Zealand sport governance roles in National Sports Organisations (NSOs). He investigated why their success and representation in New Zealand sport has not been translated into sport governance roles. Insights into the lived experiences of Pasifika and Maori board members were gathered in order to show: how they gained their positions; their motivations for pursuing these positions; the challenges they faced; and the factors that facilitate their recruitment, retention, and development. Analysis indicates that Pasifika and Maori representation on New Zealand NSO boards is low to non-existent. Thus, Sport New Zealand and NSOs need to establish policies and practices that address the need for boards to reflect New Zealand society and/or participant profiles.  The findings challenge institutionalised practices within NSOs. Generating solutions will require stakeholders to be willing to work together and develop sustainable long-term strategies rather than short-term quick fixes.

Professor Sarah Leberman
Dr Robyn Walker
Dr Farah Palmer