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Michael Edmondson

Doctor of Philosophy, (Mechatronics Engineering)
Study Completed: 2014
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Optimised Dynamic Motion Control of Near Spherical Objects

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High-tech machinery exporters need flexible autonomous material handling systems. Mr Edmondson worked on an industry project in order to investigate a system capable of handling delicate items (with six degrees of freedom) and achieving this in a commercially viable manner. He developed an overall system to achieve the necessary performance, minimise production costs, and plan staged updates throughout the product’s life cycle. The aim of the technology developments was to introduce a means of system intelligence by integrating multiple elements of sensory feedback and value adding processes. Mr Edmondson measured grasp behaviour to minimise item loss as well as adjust to item variation and differing packaging requirements. As a result of these measurements he developed low cost, flexible manipulating units to properly handle items. He also produced a novel mechatronic device using a low cost structure and applied visual servo control to manipulate the rotational degrees of items.

Dr Liqiong Tang
Associate Professor Loulin Huang