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Aymen Sajjad

Doctor of Philosophy, (Management)
Study Completed: 2016
Massey Business School


Thesis Title
Embedding Sustainability into Supply Chain Management: A New Zealand Perspective

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The concept of sustainability has garnered considerable attention within both the corporate world and academic community.  Mr Sajjad investigated why and how companies integrate sustainability practices into supply chain management.  His research is positioned within an interpretive paradigm using a qualitative case study design, primarily drawing on the interview data from 23 New Zealand-based companies.  Overall, the empirical findings reveal that sustainable supply chain management is relatively new but is evolving rapidly in New Zealand  His research contributes to theory by offering novel insights regarding the integration of sustainability, suggesting that diligent and prudent management of sustainable supply chain management can possibly lead to achieving competitive advantage.  In terms of scholarly contribution, Mr Sajjad explicates an integrative sustainable supply chain management framework that provides topical insights linking sustainability and supply chain management disciplines.  More importantly, his research has several implications for practitioners to adopt sustainable supply chain management practices.

Professor Gabriel Eweje
Associate Professor David Tappin