Leo Lai

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School of Food and Advanced Technology
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Fruit Microtopography and its Relationship to Quality and storability

Research Description
Fruit Microtopography and its Relationship to Quality and storability Kiwifruit quality at harvest and post-harvest varies significantly due to growing environment during fruit development. For example there are two orchards, Orchard A and Orchard B. The orchards may not be far to each other, however, Orchard A can store its fruit for 6 months, but Orchard B can only store its fruit for 4 months. A non-destructive measurement technique, fringe projection, may potentially provide information about current or future fruit quality, based on skin properties. This technique has been identified as a potential methodology to extract data from fruit skins due to its ability to describe microtopography of the surface. Therefore it is hoped that this technique may improve decision support tools for inventory management, and predict storability of the fruit.

Personal Description
Originally from Taiwan, I moved to New Zealand when I was 14. I chose Massey because the Postharvest group at Massey is a great team, very industry driven, I get to work on industrial problems.

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