Bernice Gabriel

Doctor of Philosophy, (Psychology)
Study Completed: 2017
College of Humanities & Social Sciences


Thesis Title
An analysis of the mechanisms of change in an intervention for caregivers in New Zealand: The Fostering Security Training Programme.

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Effective foster parent training and support is a core intervention to improve behavioural and mental health outcomes for foster children, and to prevent foster placement breakdowns. The Fostering Security training programme for foster parents, one of few such programmes developed in New Zealand, provides training and support that integrates theories to meet the particular needs of foster parents and foster children. Ms Gabriel utilised a crossover design and both qualitative and quantitative methods to explore the mechanisms of change in the Fostering Security programme for two cohorts of foster parents and their foster children. She found that the programme was associated with positive trends in a number of foster parent and foster child factors associated with secure attachment, parent confidence and competence, improved child behaviour, and placement stability. Findings further indicated the need for follow-up interventions post-training, to sustain the positive effects of the programme.

Emeritus Professor Ian Evans
Dr Russell Wills
Dr Ruth Gammon
Dr Tatiana Tairi