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Bilinda Offen

Doctor of Education, (Doctor of Education)
Study Completed: 2016
College of Humanities & Social Sciences


Thesis Title
Factors that Influence Teacher Appraisal in Primary Schools: Making appraisal meaningful for teachers

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Research shows that teachers often view the appraisal process as an ineffective use of time and as contributing to feelings of stress and anxiety. Ms Offen investigated teacher’s perceptions of appraisal, including what was needed to make appraisal meaningful for teachers and what was required to reduce the negative feelings often associated with the appraisal process. The study revealed a set of conditions schools could work towards, which feed into the appraisal process. The concepts underpinning communities of practice was used as the theoretical framework for cultivating the conditions conducive to meaningful appraisal processes. Her research offers a model for appraisal that sets the scene for rich communities of practice to develop, and includes ‘teaching as inquiry’ as the framework for appraisal. Consequently, the appraisal process would become more meaningful for teachers as it incorporates daily aspects of teaching within a supportive and collegial environment.

Professor Margaret Walshaw
Associate Professor Sally Hansen