Yi-Mei Huang

Doctor of Philosophy, (Business Management)
Study Completed: 2020
Massey Business School


Thesis Title
The Influence of Personal Knowledge Management on Individual Health Care Decision-Making: An Action Learning Approach

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Having the ability to make effective health care decisions is important. Despite the large volume of information available, individuals often face personal limitations evaluating this information and making optimal decisions. Action learning (a method used to support the learning and development of professionals through reflecting on people’s experiences of addressing real life issues) was used in Ms Huang’s study to explore older adults’ opinions and experiences of personal knowledge management (PKM) - A method that enhances learning and critical thinking skills. Her findings suggest that a four-stage PKM strategy could help older adults overcome barriers to effective information interpretation when making informed health care decisions. In addition, these findings offer educators and researchers a more in-depth understanding of ways to help older individuals navigate the world of information regarding critical personal decision-making, with specific reference to health care.

Professor David Pauleen
Dr Nazim Taskin
Associate Professor Shane Scahill