Muhammad Raziq

Doctor of Philosophy, (Strategic Management)
Study Completed: 2015
Massey Business School


Thesis Title
Subsidiary Classification, and Configuration with a Developmental Context: Evidence from Foreign Multinational Enterprises in New Zealand

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Multinational enterprise subsidiary roles and development are much influenced by various contingencies. However, many of the critical contingencies remain unexplored. Based on a number of contingencies Mr Raziq developed an overarching subsidiary classification, and configured the classification with a subsidiary developmental context. Data from 429 foreign-owned subsidiaries in New Zealand were obtained. Analysis showed three novel subsidiary types: ''Entrepreneurial'', ''Constrained Autonomous'' and ''Constrained''. Key subsidiary development contingencies identified were the subsidiary manager''sprofessional characteristics; subsidiary management under a lateral or a matrix structure; the industry and the internationalisation motives. Implications to the resource-based view, resource dependence theory and the network model were made. The results implied that subsidiaries in New Zealand should increase their external embeddedness, international market focus, entrepreneurial initiatives, and have a long-term country manager rather than an expatriate. The New Zealand government should increase spending in research and development and encourage foreign investments in the manufacturing sector.

Dr Yuanfei Kang
Professor Gabriel Robertstad Garcia Benito
Associate Professor Paul Toulson
Dr Martina Battisti