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Teresa Wegrzyn

Doctor of Philosophy, (Food Technology)
Study Completed: 2016
College of Health


Thesis Title
Design of Food-Inks for 3D printing of food images

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3D printing using food materials can create exciting new food shapes and textures from digital templates. However, food pastes and powders for 3D food printing must have highly-controlled flow and structure setting. Ms Wegrzyn’s research set out to define the properties required for food pastes on 3D printing. She produced the first published review of 3D food printing, and outlined food paste flow requirements. Her initial project design target was for a bread-like 3D printed food carrying an embedded image. To understand the control of structure in bread foams, the study examined bubble population dynamics and physical changes in non-wheat batters during production. She identified that flour particles control bread void structure by influencing bubble number and size and by altering the batter liquid phase volume, while soluble flour biopolymers control bubble expansion by modulating liquid phase flow behaviour. Her findings are novel structuring functions described for non-wheat flours in bread formulations.

Professor Richard Archer
Professor Charles Brennan
Professor Matt Golding