Muhammad Imran Siddique

Doctor of Philosophy, (Agribusiness)
Study Completed: 2015
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Factors Affecting Marketing Channel Choice Decisions in Citrus Supply Chain

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Nearly all citrus marketing channels (different supply chain networks from citrus growers to consumers of citrus fruit) are dominated by citrus growers, pre-harvest contractors and exporters of citrus fruit in Pakistan. Along with price, a number of factors play a key role in the decision to choose a particular marketing channel. Mr Siddique investigated the decision making process of citrus growers and pre-harvest contractors and evaluated the impact of different factors (e.g. price and non-price) and their associated options. His findings suggested that it can be helpful for citrus growers and pre-harvest contractors to analyse their decisions. This would help them choose the most appropriate combination of factors and increase the efficiency of their decisions. Apart from contributing to the body of knowledge, particularly on Pakistan''scitrus industry, his research could help policy makers devise policies which may facilitate and improve citrus growers and pre-harvest contractors marketing channel decision making.

Professor Norman Marr
Dr Elena Garnevska