Ruy Anaya De La Rosa

Doctor of Philosophy, (Enviromental Science)
Study Completed: 2014
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Biochar systems for carbon finance - an evaluationi based on Life Cycle Assessment studies in New Zealand

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Reducing carbon emissions is imperative if humanity is to stave off catastrophic climate change. Char produced from the heating of biomass in the absence of oxygen and applied into soils (biochar) can assist in achieving this task by improving soil functions and sequestering carbon over millennia. Mr Anaya de la Rosa considered a range of different biomass sources available in New Zealand and evaluated various biochar systems for carbon finance based on Life Cycle Assessment methodology. The alternative biomass systems producing only bioenergy delivered a higher number of carbon credits than biochar. Mr Anaya de la Rosa explored several approaches where biochar could have high economic potential in carbon-pricing mechanisms. Biochar production is promising because it also has potential for use in the agriculture, energy, and waste management sectors.

Professor Ralph Sims
Professor Sarah McLaren