Kiran Hina

Doctor of Philosophy, (Soil Science)
Study Completed: 2013
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Application of Biochar Technologies to waste water Treatment

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To reduce the pollution of fresh water rivers and lakes, urban and agricultural wastewaters need further treatment to remove ammonium-nitrogen.  Miss Hina’s research focused on developing filters to extract ammonium from wastewater using charcoal made from waste biomass, known as biochar.  She characterised and enhanced the ammonium adsorbing capacity of biochars made from various wastes and assessed their potential for use in active-filters.  This research demonstrated that enhanced ammonium sorption capacity of biochars could be achieved by using a tannery waste material for alkaline activation of pine waste biochar.  Miss Hina also combined biochar with volcanic tephra to create a duel filtration system for removing both ammonium and dissolved reactive phosphate and demonstrated that, after filtration, the ammonium and phosphate loaded filter could be used as a fertiliser.

Professor Michael Hedley
Dr James Hanly
Professor Marta Camps Arbestain