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Gang Liu

Doctor of Philosophy, (Computer Science)
Study Completed: 2013
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
An Ontology-based Knowledge Support System for Requirements Analysis

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Requirements analysts’ performance is crucial for software requirements elicitation. However, the knowledge gap between requirements analysts and business stakeholders may seriously hinder analysts’ performance. In order to help analysts improve their performance, Mr Liu developed an Ontology-based Knowledge Support System for Requirements Analysis (OKSSRA) that helps analysts to obtain preliminary business knowledge. He developed a semantic similarity measure (using knowledge from WordNet and the Internet) to improve OKSSRA’s knowledge acquisition effectiveness. A hybrid ontology mapping algorithm (based on linguistic and instance matching) was developed to enable OKSSRA to upgrade its ontology-based repository. An algorithm that automatically derives use cases from business processes was developed for OKSSRA. The experimental results indicate that OKSSRA helps requirements analysts obtain business knowledge and improve their performance.

Professor Ruili Wang
Dr Jeremy Buckley
Professor David Parry