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Christian Thierfelder

Doctor of Philosophy, (Physic)
Study Completed: 2010
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
A relativistic treatment of atoms and molecules: From relativity to electroweak interaction

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Mr Thierfelder studied relativistic effects in atoms and molecules. A full relativistic treatment which includes the quantisation of the electromagnetic field is currently one of the most challenging tasks in electronic structure theory. Although relativistic effects are usually neglected in lighter atoms, their role becomes more important in heavier systems. Mr Thierfelder developed a computer code to calculate radiative corrections in atomic systems. This non-perturbative method allowed the theoretical verification of a much debated experiment in nuclear physics. Mr Thierfelder also investigated the chemistry of compound containing superheavy elements. The results of his research can be used for the identification of chemical elements which will be discovered in the future.

Distinguished Professor Peter Schwerdtfeger
Professor Joachim Brand