Syahira Hamidon

Doctor of Philosophy, (Business)
Study Completed: 2009
Massey Business School


Thesis Title
The development of Malay Enterpreneurship in Malaysia

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Ms Hamidon’s research investigated the challenges faced by Malaysia in the promotion of Malay entrepreneurial development. She found that privileges and assistance provided through the New Economic Policy since 1971 have done little to inculcate an entrepreneurial culture or to enhance Malay entrepreneurial competitiveness and achievements. Instead, these measures have resulted in the economically dominant Chinese cooperating more closely among themselves to achieve greater resilience and increased entrepreneurial competitiveness. Ms Hamidon’s research confirms the proposition that state assistance in the form of affirmative action to an economically-challenged sector of society does little to create entrepreneurship; instead it challenges rival economic groups to sharpen their own competitiveness.

Dr Anthony Shome
Dr Graeme MacRae