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Luis Ortiz Catedral

Doctor of Philosophy, (Conservation Biology)
Study Completed: 2011
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Aspects of the biology of managed populations of two Cyanoramphus parakeet species in New Zealand: Breeding biology, pathogen screening and translocation

Predator management and translocation are two of the most important conservation techniques used in New Zealand. In this study, I used parakeets as models to document aspects of biology and management of threatened parrots combining both these techniques. I document the natural recolonisations of red-fronted parakeets on Raoul Island following the eradication of introduced cats and rats, the translocation of red-fronted parakeets to Motuihe Island, and the breeding biology of Malhberbe’s parakeets on Maud Island following the release of individuals bred in captivity. Also, I present an analysis of the prevalence of selected pathogenic microorganisms of conservation concern; describe a new strain of the beak and feather disease virus. Finally, I present a discussion about a framework to advance the conservation of New Zealand parrots incorporating pathogen and disease management in the context of translocations.

Professor Dianne Brunton
Associate Professor Mark Hauber
Professor Doug Armstrong