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Ieda Sanches

Doctor of Philosophy, (Earth Science)
Study Completed: 2010
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Hyperspectral proximal sensing of the botanical composition and nutrient content of New Zealand pastures

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Mrs Sanches investigated the potential of hyperspectral proximal sensing techniques to quantify sward characteristics, important in making critical decisions on the management of sheep and dairy pastures in New Zealand. She demonstrated that reasonably accurate pasture nutrient predictions (R2 > 0.74 and SD/RMSEP ³ 2.0) can be made from fresh in situ canopy reflectance measurements. The research highlighted the importance of obtaining representative data sets that embrace all the biophysical factors (e.g. pasture type, canopy structure) likely to affect pasture spectral reflectance and nutrient content, when building prediction calibrations. Mrs Sanches work has clearly defined what steps should be taken in future research to realise the full potential of reflectance as a proximal sensing technology for estimating pasture quality.

Professor Michael Hedley
Mr Mike Tuohy
Dr Alec MacKay