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Clyton Moyo

Doctor of Philosophy, (Plant Science)
Study Completed: 2008
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Improving the efficiency of herbicide application to pasture weeds by weed-wiping and spot-spraying

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Mr Moyo investigated methods to reduce quantities of herbicide used in pasture through improved targeting of weeds. Wiper application of herbicides was shown to be a useful technique for controlling Californian thistles when the plants were treated at the post-flowering stage. Despite wiper applicators usually being selective, some pasture damage was observed in the field, and a series of experiments showed that rain falling soon after wiper application was the likely cause. Mr Moyo studied differences in herbicide output from three commercial models of herbicide wipers using an innovative technique he developed. His research into spot-spraying of pasture weeds showed that ingress of clover stolons is more important than re-establishment from seed, in the recovery of patches created by herbicide damage. He also showed that application of herbicides to the centre (5%) of weed rosettes is as effective as 100% plant coverage, greatly reducing the risk of damage to pasture.

Associate Professor Kerry Harrington
Professor Peter Kemp
Dr Han Eerens