Ellen Nelson

Doctor of Philosophy
Study Completed: 2019
Massey Business School


Thesis Title
The Social Well-being of Women Officers who have Left the NZ Army

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After ten years' service in the NZ Army, Mrs Nelson used a case study approach, framed with the social well-being model and integrated with the concepts of authentic and embodied leadership, to examine the social well-being of women officers who have left the NZ Army. While the participants and Mrs Nelson enjoyed their service, the results of the case study revealed the environment was not conducive to their social well-being. There was no visibility of women in recruiting videos and the women experienced marginalisation and discrimination. The leadership approach adopted by the women clashed with the approach required by the Army, reducing their social well-being, or impacting their ability to lead authentically. Challenges were also found regarding the lack of women's uniforms and the physical requirements of the role following injuries and childbirth. Mrs Nelson is working with the NZ Army to provide recommendations for change.

Professor Sarah Leberman
Associate Professor Jo Bensemann
Dr Andrew Dickson