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Joy Panoho

Doctor of Philosophy, (Management information Systems)
Study Completed: 2013
Massey Business School


Thesis Title
A Maori-centred inquiry into health governance: Maori directors on District Health Boards

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The juxtaposition of legislative changes to health governance, rapidly developing indigenous scholarship, and emergent postcolonial challenges within management studies gave rise to this study. Additionally, governance theorists and regulatory bodies challenge corporate and managerial elites to increase director diversity. Governance researchers predominately focus on director performance, as measured by the relationship between director characteristics and financial performance. However, what a director actually does has received relatively little attention. New legislation provides for Maori representation on District Health Boards. By interviewing Maori directors, Ms Panoho has provided Maori-centric data on the governance process. As expected, Maori directors function and perform as non-Maori directors’ function and perform. However, Maori directors face additional demands as advocates with respect to Maori (ill) health and Treaty issues. The implications of these demands were explored and a more bicultural governance domain was discussed as a first step in a transformational reconstruction of a different intra-board functioning.

Associate Professor Janet Sayers
Dr Brendon Puketapu