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Daniel Wildy

Doctor of Philosophy, (History)
Study Completed: 2018
College of Humanities & Social Sciences


Thesis Title
Reeling Them In: Printed New Zealand Army Recruiting Material 1899-1999

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The decision to join the army is a significant one. Unlike most jobs, the prospect of death in violent circumstances, particularly during times of war, is a realistic possibility. Nevertheless, New Zealand maintained an army of largely volunteers from the South African War in 1899 to East Timor in 1999. Mr Wildy's research focuses on the themes used in printed recruiting material to attract New Zealanders to join the potentially fatal occupation of soldiering. By assessing the various themes used in recruiting material, his thesis has demonstrated how a combination of social obligation and opportunity-based themes have been used by the army to recruit successive generations of soldiers to its ranks. It has also provided insights into the army’s use of recruiting material as a public relations tool, confirming its continued relevance to New Zealand.

Professor Glyn Harper
Associate Professor Kerry Taylor
Dr David Littlewood