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Edmundo Viegas

Doctor of Philosophy, (Natural Resource Management)
Study Completed: 2007
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Prospects of Sustainable Crop Production Technologies in East Timor.

Mr Viegas examined the prospects of sustainable crop production technologies in East Timor through relevant case studies and experimental data. An overview of the agricultural development in East Timor, emphasizing its traditional farming and cropping systems, was presented. Discussion of agricultural mechanization and technological change and their socio-economic ramifications on food security complemented this work. Case studies with short-term tillage trials, established both in East Timor and New Zealand, provided a better understanding of tillage and no-tillage effects on soil structure and crop production environments. This work has particular relevance to East Timor where collaborative efforts, led by the government, are being undertaken to develop its subsistence agriculture sector. For such a development to be sustainable, a selective agricultural mechanization was proposed, based primarily on local knowledge and a sound use of its fragile soil and scarce water resources.

Professor Peter Kemp
Associate Professor Alex Chu