Corrin Hulls

School of Health Sciences
College of Health


Thesis Title
The spatiotemporal characteristics of the myogenic motility of the healthy and chronically obstructed rabbit bladder

Research Description
The research examines the spatial characteristics of tonic and phasic contraction in the resting ex-vivo urinary bladder of the rabbit and the effects of various pharmaceutical agents on these characteristics with a view to reducing the abnormal motility such as occurs in humans in the overactive/irritable bladder syndrome. Professor Roger Lentle's group in the Physiology division of MIFST have used novel spatiotemporal mapping techniques to describe the resting patterns of tonic and phasic contraction in the bladder of the pig both in situ and ex vivo. My work so far has shown that the bladders of rabbits behave similarly. Hence the human bladder is likely to exhibit similar motility. Whilst there are currently no means of assessing the patterns of motility in the resting bladder of human subjects the in vitro preparation and spatiotemporal analytic techniques developed by myself and by the group are useful in assessing the effects of various drugs that influence the contraction of smooth muscle on bladder motility.

Research Importance
Research will examine the effects of drugs in a pro-inflammatory scenario with a view to finding an agent that will be beneficial to persons with overactive bladder syndrome.

Research Benefit
Overactive bladder syndrome can have a significant effect on quality of life, and affects 12-17% of the population ("Overactive bladder syndrome" J Arnold et. al. 2012).

Personal Description
I have spent most of my life in Palmerston North and have completed both a BSc and MSc at Massey University. I chose Massey University, and in particular Prof. Roger Lentle's group, because they are at the forefront of spatiotemporal analytic techniques in describing patterns of motility. I have gravitated toward research because I am fascinated by human physiological systems and am driven forward by the constant question of "Why?".

Professor Roger Lentle
Dr Quinten King
Dr Wei-Hang Chua


Hulls, C. M., Lentle, R. G., King, Q. M., Reynolds, G. W., & Chambers, J. (2017). Spatiotemporal analysis of spontaneous myogenic contractions in the urinary bladder of the rabbit; timing and patterns reflect reported electrophysiology. American Journal of Physiology - Renal Physiology. doi:10.1152/ajprenal.00156.2017