Phillip Murray

Doctor of Philosophy, (Agricultural Engineering)
Study Completed: 2006
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Designing Sustainable Distributed Generation Systems for Rural Communities

Dr Murray’s research investigated decision-making techniques for the application and implementation of renewable energy based, distributed electricity generation in rural New Zealand communities. A method of analysis was developed to deal with key design issues, such as the often large and complex array of choices; inherent variability of energy supply from wind, solar and hydro sources; preferential social requirements of the community; reduction in the lengthy time periods needed for traditional resource and load data monitoring; and, the economic, environmental, social, and technical sustainability of the various options. The study developed a decision analysis framework that delivered ranked preference options in a manner likely to instil insight and confidence. This will provide decision-makers within rural communities anywhere in the world with valuable information on which to base their investment decisions relating to renewable energy.

Professor Ralph Sims
Professor John Holland