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Michael Lane

Doctor of Clinical Psychology, (Psychology)
Study Completed: 2018
College of Humanities & Social Sciences


Thesis Title
Social-Emotional Practices of General Practice Physicians

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Good doctor-patient communication enhances health outcomes. However, the patient perspective of good communication is under-studied. Mr Lane interviewed fifteen patients asking about their General Practitioner's (GPs) good communication behaviour. He then had 100 participants sort these behaviours to characterise communication styles, and compare patients' preferences for communication styles with their actual experiences. Mr Lane determined patients value collaborative relationships involving problem-solving, respect for patient perspective and feelings. He identified five GP communication styles: Empathiser, Consumerism, Socialiser, Patient-centred, and Biopsychosocial and found that none of these communication styles involved high levels of doctor control. Although there was a discrepancy between patient preferences and experiences, this only had a weak correlation with the quality of the relationship between the GP and patient.

Associate Professor Jasna Rakonjac
Dr Shane Harvey
Dr Shane Harvey
Dr David Bimler
Professor Michael McManus
Dr Don Baken
Dr Don Baken
Dr David Bimler
Dr Stan Moore
Professor Paul O'Toole