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Johan Doevendans

Doctor of Philosophy, (Engineering)
Study Completed: 2015
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Implementing Lean in a seasonal horticultural sector: Theoretical and practical suitability in the NZ pipfruit industry.

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The New Zealand pipfruit industry is technologically advanced but retains a substantial seasonal and manual labour component. The industry has suffered economic hardship during ten of the last fifteen years. The Lean production system has not before been implemented in the pipfruit industry. Using multiple research methodologies, Mr Doevendans'' inquiry identified common transferable Lean themes, applicability and implementation approaches and he developed a model and framework for implementation of Lean. During the course of his research, he developed a unique survey methodology; original interpretations of waste, methods and principles for orchards; created and tested a Lean maturity appraisal for orchards, and built a model and framework for implementation of Lean in the NZ pipfruit industry. His findings indicate that a fluid form of Lean, using these new interpretations mixed with common ones, can be successfully implemented within the industry and lead to positive results. 

Professor Nigel Grigg
Professor Jane Goodyer