You Said, We Did

In our 2017 survey you told us how we were doing and how you wanted us to improve. Thanks for the great response! We appreciate the time and effort that you made. Here’s our report back on how we’ve responded.

Opening Hours

You Said: The Library needs to be open earlier and close later. 24/7 would be great!

We Did: We analysed your feedback and our occupancy patterns and have now increased our opening hours at Auckland and Manawatū campus libraries. We are open an additional 9 hours a week at our Auckland Campus Library and 9.5 hours a week at our Manawatū Campus Library (during Semesters 1 and 2). Although you made some requests for extended opening hours at Wellington, generally you thought the current hours were OK for now.

Library Hours

Power Outlets

You Said: There aren’t enough power outlets to charge devices.

We Did: At Manawatū we’ve installed 23 new individual desks with integrated power on Level 1, and additional power outlets on Level 3. We’ve also installed extra power outlets in the Wellington Library. At Auckland, we’ll look at planning for more power outlets as part of the building development plan.

Library Spaces

Silent Study Spaces

You Said: It is hard to find a quiet place in the Library to study when I need to.

We Did: At Wellington we’ve installed new study carrels on the Mezzanine floor to support private and silent individual study, and study booths for quiet reading and work. At Auckland we’ve changed Level 3 to silent study only and are actively monitoring this zone. At Manawatū new study carrels on Level 1 will support private and individual study. We are looking carefully at different zones in the Manawatū building and will use signage to encourage more quiet/silent study spaces. We will monitor these silent spaces more proactively across all our Libraries.

Discussion Rooms

You Said: You need more discussion rooms you can book for group work.

We Did: At Manawatū we have converted the Digital Play Space to a bookable discussion room. Book discussion and group study rooms at any Campus Library


You Said: The Manawatū Library gets too hot.

We Did: We’ve installed film on the Level 3 windows to cut down heat and glare and purchased new fans. If our budget permits we will install new sunblock blinds in areas that need them.

Space Use by Non-Massey Students at Auckland Library

You Said: At Auckland you are frustrated that non-Massey students are allowed to use the facilities

We Did: We’ve limited floors for non-Massey students at peak periods. We’ve also set up a joint Library/Albany Students’ Association committee to discuss and promote a better understanding of these issues.

Library Facilities and Cleaning


You Said: We need more microwaves at Manawatū Library.

We Did: We’ve installed two more microwaves in time for Semester 1.

Boiling Water at Auckland Library

You Said: We need to be able to access boiling water for hot water and drinks.

We Will: We know how important this is for you and are working towards a solution with Facilities Management.


You Said: The standard of cleaning in the Library really needs improving.

We Will: Cleaning will be fully reviewed during 2018 and we will also plan for extra and special cleans (such as keyboards) to be regularly scheduled throughout the year.

Library Services

Promotion of Services to Distance Students

You Said: I don’t know what services are available to me as a Distance student.

We Will: We do promote our services to Distance students but we know we can do better still. Next year we will review how we can best serve Distance students and promote our services. In the meantime, consult the Library for Distance Learning page under the Services heading on our home page. You are also welcome to submit a question about our services for Distance students via our new FAQ page.

Offshore Students

You Said: As an overseas Distance student I feel disadvantaged when it comes to using the Library.

We Will: This year we are scheduled to look at the services we offer to those of you studying outside of New Zealand. You can find our Services for Students Studying from Offshore page from the Library for Distance Learning page on our website. You are also welcome to submit a question about our services for distance students via our new FAQ page.

Logging On and WIFI

Multiple Login Requests

You Said: It is annoying to have to keeping logging on when using the Library website.

We Will: We can appreciate how frustrating this is. We are currently working on implementing a single sign-on portal between the Library and Stream. Unfortunately, we can’t extend that to the student portal at this time.

Computers and WIFI

You said: It takes too long to long on to Library computers and the WIFI coverage isn’t great.

We will: We will continue to advocate on your behalf and report these ongoing problems to Massey’s Information Technology Services, who provide our computers and WIFI. New software is coming that controls logging on to computers in our libraries, and we are hopeful this will bring a big improvement in this area.

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