These resources are a good place to start your information search on most topics, and are particularly useful for undergraduate students.

You may also want to check the resources listed in the Subject Guide for your area.

Articles (journals, newspapers, magazines)

Arrow Discover Click for more information View a demonstration.
Searches across many article databases at the same time. Select either of the Library Collection boxes to limit to material held at Massey University Library. For scholarly, peer reviewed, journal articles tick the Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Articles box. 

Arrow Google Scholar Click for more information View a demonstration.
Looks and works like Google, but searches for academic literature. Google Scholar is publicly-available, but using the links from the Massey Library website will connect you to our full text resources, where available.

Arrow Scopus Click for more information View a demonstration.
A scholarly database that allows you to search for articles on a topic and to track items cited in reference lists.

Arrow Web of Science Click for more information View a demonstration.
Another scholarly topic and citation database.

Arrow Search Discover for a list of newspaper article databases

Arrow Database Licence Information
Legal guidelines about how and by whom Library-subscribed article databases may be used.

New Zealand Articles (Journals, Newspapers, Magazines)

Arrow Contains significant New Zealand content Index New Zealand Click for more information
The major New Zealand database, although many results do not have full text. Once you have identified your articles you may need to check for the relevant journals by searching for the journal title in Discover.

Arrow Contains significant New Zealand content Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre Click for more information View a demonstration.
Full text of selected Australian and New Zealand magazines, newspapers, reference books, and company information.

Arrow Contains significant New Zealand content Newztext Plus Click for more information
Newztext Plus searches several databases that cover New Zealand newspaper and journal articles. It can be helpful to tick only those resources you need:

  • Newspapers and Magazines search for full text articles from many newspapers and a few magazines.
  • Index New Zealand searches across a more comprehensive range of journals, though most results give an abstract only.

More Information

Arrow Contains significant New Zealand content The Dictionary of New Zealand Biography
Over 3,000 biographies of New Zealanders who have 'made their mark' on this country. It does not include people who are alive.

Background Information

Arrow ScienceDirect Reference Works
Search in one or all of these encyclopedias, covering most topics.
Tip: use the search box under Reference Works, rather than at the top of the page.

Arrow Oxford Reference Online Premium
Concise entries covering a range of topics.

Concepts & Definitions

Arrow Oxford English Dictionary
The classic work for words in English. Covers pronunciation, how the word is used in context, and the etymology (origin & history) of each word.

Arrow Cambridge Dictionaries Online
Choose from a range of dictionaries published by Cambridge University Press.

Books & Ebooks

Arrow Search Discover
Search Discover to find Library books, journals, DVDs & other material.

Arrow Books and Ebooks at Massey Library

Arrow Google Books
Searches across the full-text content of a huge range of books. You can then check by searching Discover to see if the book is held by Massey University Library.

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Top Tips

  • Journal articles provide up-to-date research and information on specific topics.
  • Types of Journals: Articles can be found in various types of journals, including scholarly/academic, trade/industry, popular magazines, and newspapers.
  • If you have a topic you need to find articles on, you should use the article databases suggested on this page or the other subject guides.
  • If you already have a reference to a specific article, search for the journal name or for the article name using Discover. View a demonstration.