Journal Ranking and Impact

Why is a Journal's Rank and Impact Important?

Journals vary in the impact they have on the research community. Once you know a journal’s impact, you can rank it against the impact of other journals in the field.

Check the relative impact of journals within your field so you can:

  • identify where to submit articles for publication
  • decide which publications to highlight in funding applications, promotion rounds and PBRF

How Do I Find a Journal's Impact and Rank?

You can find a journal's impact and rank by using:

Tips and Notes

Journal impact measures are:

  • Controversial: using quantitative measures of selected journals may not measure quality
  • Variable in coverage and methodology. Use several impact and ranking tools, particularly those recommended by your College or Research & Enterprise for specific purposes, such as PBRF.
  • Best used for comparisons of journals within the same subject area. Only a few (such as the SNIP) factor disciplinary differences into the metric.
  • Not an indication of the impact of an individual article or author.
  • Higher for journals that include lots of review articles.