Room Bookings

Casual room bookings (i.e. bookings for events other than timetabled classes) can be requested by staff, students and members of the public. Please be advised that it is University policy that classes take priority over bookings for other purposes.

Facilities Management does not provide professional conference or event management services.

Departments are expected to manage all aspects of the conference or event and costs for the use of Campus facilities will be passed onto the organiser.

The attached handbook provides an overview of how to book a room at Massey University on the Manawatu Campus.

Making a booking

Internal booking

If you are a staff member requesting a booking for a University related activity please complete your booking request online via CMIS Go. Please click on the below link for further information.

A how-to-guide is also below.

CMIS Go How to guide

If you encounter any problems please email

External booking

If you are not a university staff member or your booking is for a non-university event please visit the Hospitality Services website.


If the room you have booked is locked during normal business hours, please contact the Operations Service Desk on ext 82288.  After hours queries should be directed to Security ext 85030 or 0800-627-750.


There are areas on the Manawatu campus where catering can be accommodated, although the consumption of food and drink is not permitted in teaching spaces.  All catering must be organised directly through Wharerata on (06) 350-5088.

Manawatu Campus Rooms available for booking

Information regarding Massey University Rooms available for booking is shown below. Please note unless specified otherwise, each room contains fixed or moveable furniture, data projector, resident computer, white board and disabled access. Please note information below is subject to change.

Room Capacity Pictures Other information
Ag Hort 1 258 AgHort1.jpg
Ag Hort 2 187 AgHort2.jpeg
Ag Hort 3 78 AgHort3.jpeg
Ag Hort 4 78 AgHort4.jpeg
Ag Hort 5 34 AgHort5.jpeg
Ag Hort LB Foyer 425 AgHortLBFoyer.jpeg No furniture in foyer
AHA2.46 25 AHA2_46.jpeg
AHA3.45 22 AHA3_45.jpeg
AHA3.46 25 AHA3_46.jpeg
AHB1.35A 15 AHB1_35A.jpeg
AHB1.35B 15 AHB1_35B.jpeg
AHB1.35C 15 AHB1_35C.jpeg
AHB1.39 10 AHB1_39.jpeg
AHB1.40A 48 AHB1_40A.jpeg
AHB2.37 72 AHB2_37.jpeg
AHB2.38 21 AHB2_38.jpeg
AHB3.02C 60 AHB3_02C.jpeg
AHC1.04 35 AHC1_04.jpeg Computer Lab
ASTON 1 60 Aston1.jpeg
ICLT 100 ICLT.jpeg No disability access
Japan Lecture Threatre 274 JLT.jpeg
MARSDEN 271 Marsden.jpeg
PLB1.13 60 PLB1_13.jpeg
PLB1.14 60 PLB1_14.jpeg
Riddet Complex B1.62 38 RCB1_62.jpeg
Riddet Complex B1.64 46 RCB1_64.jpeg
SciTwrD 1.03 48 SCD1_03.jpeg
SGP1.03 20 SGP1_03.jpeg
SGP1.04 50 SGP1_04.jpeg
SGP3.24 50 SGP3_24.jpeg
SGP3.42 81 SGP3_42.jpeg
SGP4.28 14 SGP4_28.jpeg
SGP4.30 32 SGP4_30.jpeg
SSLB 2 247 SSLB2.jpeg
SSLB 3 117 SSLB3.jpeg
SSLB 4 117 SSLB4.jpeg
SSLB 5 60 SSLB5.jpeg
SSLB 6 60 SSLB6.jpeg
SSLB 7 60 SSLB7.jpeg
SSLB Foyer (upper) SSLBFoyer.jpeg No furniture in foyer
SSLB Foyer (lower) SSLBFoyerDS.jpeg No furniture in foyer
SSTE 1.38 20 SST1_38.jpeg
SSTE 1.39 24 SST1_39.jpeg
SSTE 2.42 32 SST2_42.jpeg
SST 3.23 27 SST3_23.jpeg
Student Centre Room 2.19 60 StuCnt2_19.jpeg
Wool Building 1 129 WB1.jpeg
Wool Building 1.24B 114 WB2new.jpeg
Wool Building 1.24A 96