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Requesting assistance from the Service Desk

Target Audience: Massey University staff and students requiring IT-related assistance.

Note: You may wish to print and keep this page in case you need help when you are unable to access the web.

Preferred method of contact

Wherever possible, it is preferred that you ring the Service Desk on ext 82111.

The online request logging system, AskUs Self-Service (http://askus.massey.ac.nz), is used to log requests.  AskUs Self-Service prompts for the information required to assist us in processing your request.  AskUs Self-Service is available via the http://askus.massey.ac.nz website for people with Massey staff-type usercodes or usernames.

If you email or ring the Service Desk, please ensure you provide all relevant detail. 

If your request is critical please log the request and then call the Service Desk on ext 82111 quoting your request number.  This will let us know that the request is critical.

Information required by the Service Desk

To help resolve your query as quickly as possible, the Service Desk often needs the following information:

  • Full contact details
  • Location of machine, if relevant
  • Type of machine (PC/Macintosh). If it is a laptop, the type/make of the laptop
  • Operating System version (see below); for example: Windows 7 or Mac OS X
  • IT Number of the machine (see below) for Massey IT equipment
  • Printer IT number (for example: IT001223) for problems with Massey printers
  • Application and version number (see below) if applicable, or hardware causing the problem; for example: Microsoft Outlook 2010
  • Error messages, if applicable, recorded as fully as possible (provide screen shots if possible - see below)
  • Last time the machine/application worked correctly
  • Configuration/software changes made since the equipment last worked, if applicable
  • IT numbers of other machines or usercodes (usernames) or ID numbers of other staff/students experiencing similar issues, if applicable
  • Any other detail that may be useful in relation to the issue experienced e.g. the url (address) of web sites that cannot be accessed, whether the system (application, software web site) has worked previously etc.

When requesting assistance from the Service Desk, please provide as much information as you can. The Service Desk will ask for relevant information for requests received via the telephone. The more detail we have at first contact, the faster it can be to resolve queries or issues.

Operating system

To find out what Operating System you are running:

Windows 7

  • Click on Start
  • Go to the Run option
  • In the Open field type: winver
  • Click OK

Mac OS X:

  • Click the Apple logo in the top left hand corner
  • Select About this Mac

IT number:

Software version:

To find the software version you are using:

  • Start the Application if it will load
  • Go to the Help Menu
  • Select the Option, About
  • The software's name and version number will appear at the top of a pop up box

Error messages:

Screen shots (screen dumps) of error messages can be pasted into an email message, or saved and attached to an email - these shots allow us to more rapidly diagnose particular issues and saves you having to tell us explicitly what the messages say.

Software purchase requests

Contact the Service Desk

Phone 06-356-9099 ext. 82111 (preferred method)

7:45am - 5pm, Monday to Friday
(excluding Public and University holidays)

Out-of-hours Support

AskUs Self-Service to log a request online (staff)

Full contact details

Other ITS Information

IT Services Dashboard (staff)