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What data should be backed up?

What data should I backup?

Where possible all Massey University business data files should be stored on the Network shared drives in order to provide the highest possible availability and security. Where this is not possible data that needs to be primarily stored on the laptop should be backed up using this service onto Massey University infrastructure to facilitate recovery if required. For example: corrupted files, lost or stolen laptop or movement to / access from another computer).

Please refer to the  Backup Preparation Checklist (415 KB) for more details to assist you with identifying laptop or Macbook stored data that is only stored locally.

What data should I not backup?

Please do not perform a full system back up as this backup service is not designed to facilitate this.

Please note the following considerations / risks. 

  • System restores should be undertaken with the assistance of ITS or a full understanding of your laptop or MacBook software and data environment as the restore process is destructive to the current configuration of your laptop or Macbook.
  • Full system backups include copies of all installed software, which is and may be contary to a number of Massey University software license agreements (either ITS managed or Department/Institute/business based).  
  • In addition to back up of software the Operating System (OS) is also backed up when a system image is made, full system backups require more space than the free 50GB allocated. This will incur unnecessary costs for additional storage quota. The OS and software can easily be 'recovered' by reinstallation in the event of a full system recovery.
  • Any software or data not complying with ITS policy on  Use and Access to Information Technology Systems Policy (59 KB) shall not be stored on your allocated backup space.
  • Any kind of personal data shall not be backed up on network drive

Should I backup my emails?

Backup and recovery of emails should not be necessary if you are accessing email from the Massey University email infrastructure.Additionally backup and restoration of email (or mail archives) requires preliminary setup via your email client e.g. Outlook 2010, Outlook 2011 (Mac)

Please note:

Many staff have email clients setup to store email directly on their laptop. An easy way to confirm if all email is stored on the Massey University email system is to log into Office 365 portal.

Please contact the Service Desk to discuss email quota, archiving setup or backup requirements of any laptop based email via ext. 82111.