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Microsoft MyAnalytics

Microsoft MyAnalytics is an Office 365 application that provides staff personalised report on time spent at work.

It analyses data from the staff's Office 365 mailbox and account and shows insights on work habits, from time spent in email, to meetings hours, to the people they often collaborate with.

How analytics can help manage work hours

Boost meeting quality

MyAnalytics calculates information on hours spent in meetings and determines categories of meetings accepted.

By having access to this information, staff may save time by scheduling fewer, shorter, and more focused meetings.

Get more focus time

Focus time is meant to represent enough time so that deliverables or other important tasks can be completed.

It is recommended for staff to block focus time on their calendars so they can make time for matters other than meetings and email.

Improve work-life balance

Insights cover hours outside the usual work schedule. MyAnalytics provides information on how much time is spent working after hours.

Staff can plan around improving norms on after-hours collaboration and reduce time spent on work beyond work hours.

Data privacy matters

MyAnalytics is private and secure. Only the staff has access to his or her own information. Neither the manager nor anyone else at the University have access to a staff's personal dashboard.

The majority of the data staff see are simply aggregated from sources to which they already have access, such as Outlook email and calendar data and Skype for Business Online chat and call signals.

Read MyAnalytics privacy guide

View insights in three ways

Weekly email digest

Staff will receive a weekly email digest that gives key highlights about the previous week. This email digest contains clickable links to open the MyAnalytics dashboard.

Outlook add-in

The Outlook add-in appears as a pane in Outlook. It presents information about staff's recent collaboration and communication patterns and suggests ways to work more effectively.

Personal dashboard

The MyAnalytics dashboard gives statistics on staff's time spent over the past week and tools to help spend it more effectively.

A staff's data is private and secure. Only the staff has access to his or her own dashboard.

Turn off reports?

If you find that MyAnalytics does not help you with insights you value, there are ways to stop receiving reports.

Unsubscribe from email digests

At the bottom of your MyAnalytics email digest, click Unsubscribe.

Turn off notifications from Outlook add-in

1. From your Outlook email window, click MyAnalytics at the right side of the top menu. The MyAnalytics pane will load.

2. Click the Settings cog.

3. Turn Outlook notifications to Off.

MyAnalytics dashboard

How to access personal dashboard

1. In a web browser, open https://delve.office.com. Notice the Home, Me, MyAnalytics, and Favorites options in the left navigation pane.

2. In the navigation pane, select MyAnalytics. The MyAnalytics personal dashboard opens and displays your information for the most recent complete week.

Understanding dashboard elements

Your Time

This area shows a concise overview of how you've spent your time this week and how this behaviour compares with the organisation average.


The Network area shows how you spent your time with the people and groups you interact with in meetings or in email.


Meeting hours consist of any meetings that you’ve organised or accepted that have at least one other person attending. The Meeting Habits section categorises the meetings you’ve accepted and shows how much time you spent in each type of meeting.


The Email hours area shows an estimate of how much time you spent sending and reading email. Your email use across all devices, such as laptops and mobile phones, are considered.

Focus Hours

Focus hours consist of at least two consecutive hours in your calendar without a meeting or not directly interacting with email, including unscheduled time, appointments, and meetings that are scheduled only with yourself.

After Hours

After-hours time is the total time that you spent outside your work hours reading or writing email, attending meetings whose invitations you've accepted, and participating in chats or calls in Skype for Business Online.

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