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Departmental Photocopy cards

Departmental Photocopy Cards allow anyone to use the Photocopy facility available on each MFD. All charges are then applied back to the department.

The card is available for people in the following situations:

  • A person who will not have a Massey usercode (e.g jcbloggs), but who needs to use the photocopy (only) facilities for a department.
  • A departmental administrator/equivalent who wish to have a pool of photocopy cards to issue to people who need to photocopy (only).

This card should not be requested for the following people:

  • A staff member or student with a Massey ID card, or those who have had their card stolen or is lost.
  • A postgraduate student who has a Massey usercode, but is not able to obtain a massey ID card.

The Departmental Photocopy card does not work for FollowMe printing. That is, if a Staff member prints a document and attempts to collect the document from the printer with the Departmental Photocopy card, it will not work.

Departmental Photocopy Card form (165 KB)

If you require further assistance or information please contact the Service Desk.