FollowMe Printing for Staff

The Printing and Photocopier Project 2012 oversaw the replacement of Multi-Function Devices (Printers and copiers) across all three University campuses. Our supplier - Fuji Xerox along with the project team have worked together to implement these devices which represent the latest available technology.

These FAQs will assist you in making a smooth transition to the Fuji Xerox Multi-function devices (MFD's) printers and copiers.

What is FollowMe Printing?

FollowMe printing is Fuji Xerox's solution to allow documents to be submitted for printing and collected from any Fuji Xerox device on the same campus.

How do I connect to my printer to be able to print from my computer?

Setup FollowMe for Windows 7
Setup FollowMe for Windows XP
Setup FollowMe for OS X (Mac) Mountain Lion 10.8
Setup FollowMe for OS X (Mac) Lion 10.7 and Snow Leopard 10.6

How do I collect my printing?

Printing can be initialised and collected (on the same campus) by using your Staff ID card, Printing/Photocopy card or by logging in on the touch panel connected to the device.

Information on these methods and other questions around collection can be found at How do I collect my printing?

Printing Charges

The rates below apply to each printed side of paper, so an A4 mono page printed on both sides will incur a charge of 6 cents.

Type Staff
A4 Mono 3 cents
A4 Colour 15 cents


Staff-type usercodes (e.g jcbloggs) have their printing charges captured via their login, which is then charged back to the Department through usual ITS charging processes.

How do I use the functions of the MFD for Photocopying/Scanning and so forth?

At each MFD installation, there should be a "Quick Reference Poster" displayed on a wall nearby. However, there is an expanded guide also:

ID cards and Printing/Photocopy cards

What are the default settings for printing?

For Windows computers, it is duplex printing and black and white. For Macintosh computers, it is duplex printing and colour.

Once the driver is installed, Macintosh users are able to set the default to black and white (see below)

Change your default printing settings

These instructions show how to change the default (Global) preferences for FollowMe printing. Settings made here apply to all documents that are printed.

Changing Printer Defaults in OSX.pdf (562 KB)

Changing Printer Defaults in Windows.pdf (232 KB)

How do Departments obtain paper to print?

Departments should continue to order paper from OfficeMax using existing Departmental accounts, product codes and ordering processes. This will ensure continuity and consistency with approval and delivery processes. Paper costs however, although identified against Departmental ledger accounts in the order, will be transferred out of Departmental accounts to a central budget centre.

For other information about printing, please refer to Miscellaneous Printing FAQs

If you require further assistance or information please contact the ITS Service Desk.