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What is an "MFD"?

An MFD or Mult-Function-Device combines printing, photocoping and scanning functionality into one device.

What is a "Universal Printer Driver"?

A Universal Print Driver is a piece of software that enables your machine to make use of the new devices (printers and MFD's) and access all of it's features.

What is duplex printing?

Duplex printing is when the device prints on both sides of the piece of paper (Double-sided printing)

What is an "ODA"?

The "Office Documentation Assessment", also referred to as the Future State Print Environment, is the audit process undertaken by the University and the vendor Fuji Xerox.

Why do I receive "105862 verification failed" message when swiping my ID card?

Your username (e.g jbloggs) and Staff ID number need to be matched in the system in order for the FollowMe printer service to match what print requests have been submitted (by your usercode) to what card gets swiped (which has your ID number against it). In order to have your credentials matched, please contact the ITS Service Desk. Once the match has been completed, you will be able to swipe your card to collect your printing straight away.

Why am I having difficulty printing A4 documents?

All Fuji Xerox devices have been set to print "US Letter" (a standardised, preset, paper size in most programs) on to A4 automatically, however some files (particularly PDFs) will still hold a particular, defined letter size of the file and make the printer wait until the correct paper size is loaded. Attempts to load the 'correct' size in to the tray may also not work. To get around this issue, press the 'C' on the printer and delete the job, then resend it again as A4 via the print/preview settings.

Reinstalling Pharos Popup Client after Pharos upgrade (14/07/13)

The Turitea Pharos printing environment is being upgraded to the latest Pharos version, 8.3. This version includes a number of bug fixes and performance enhancements as well as support for new Pharos features. Unfortunately this means that those who use a Pharos Popup Client will need to reinstall the software again. Instructions on how to do this can be found here: https://www.massey.ac.nz/?p27750403t.