Printing/Photocopy cards for post graduate students

The Casual Staff Card is a single card capturing both Printing and Photocopying abilities and is the solution for swiping and collecting printing/photocopying for post graduate students with staff-type accounts.

This card is available for people in the following situations (amongst others which may be defined in the link to the form below):

  • Postgraduate students who login with, and would like their printing charges debited to their staff-type usercode provided to them by their department.

In order to obtain a swipe card for the above, please complete the Casual Staff Card Request Form (located under the "Staff ID Cards" heading).

It is not possible to have a postgraduate student's Massey student ID card tied to their departmental provided staff-type usercode. This is because one card is tied to one login only, and thus their Massey student ID card is already tied to their Massey student login (e.g 12004387).

If you require further assistance or information please contact the Service Desk on ext. 82111.