Accounts and Access

User Registration (Network Access for staff (including short and fixed term) and department-approved postgraduates)

  • Fill in the Request New User Access form from the Service Catalogue.
  • Complete the form in full - all required fields must be completed in order to progress the request.
  • For more information, visit Network Access.

Non-Standard User Registration (Network Access for University visitors, contractors (not on Massey payroll), resources/applications)

  • Fill in the Set up network access for an external user form via the AskUs Portal.
  • The form will only be visible to account controllers and the end user will be sent via email a copy of Massey University's network access terms and conditions.
  • If you are hosting an event (e.g. workshop, conference) that requires wireless access for participants, please complete the MUEvents Wireless Network Access (266 KB) form.
  • Not to be used for Stream Guest Access (see below).

NZSM (Student) User Registration

  • Download the  NZSM User Registration form (99 KB).
  • Complete the form in full and return to the NZSM Account Controller.
  • The Account Controller emails a spreadsheet with details to the Service Desk, then sends the paper copies to ITS Reception (Turitea).

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

  • Registered Massey users may apply to access the University’s network via a third party internet provider via the VPN Service Application.
  • Once completed, an email will be sent to the nominated account controller.
  • If approved by the account controller, the email will be forwarded to the Service Desk for processing.

For Citrix, CMS (Shado), ManageIT, SilentOne (DMS) and Stream Guest User access forms, please see Software and Business Applications


Audio Conference Equipment Hire

  • Download the  Audio Conference Equipment Hire Request form (86 KB) to hire Audio Conference equipment to allow small groups audio conferencing.
  • Scan the form and email it to the Service Desk (
  • Complete the form in full and return to ITS Reception (Turitea).

Video Conference

  • To request a booking, please complete the Video Conference Room Booking Form
  • Please provide three working days notice for bookings, if possible. 
  • For bookings required within three working days, particularly if assistance is required from ITS during the session, please submit the form and then ring the Service Desk on ext. 82111.
  • This request form is for booking ITS Video Conference Rooms only. These include AT LL2.37 (Albany), REG 1.01 (Manawatu), and 5C20 (Wellington) for other rooms please see the Massey video conferencing room directory.

Video Linked Teaching



Desktop Computer Support

Adobe Creative Cloud for Education (CCE)

EndNote Licence for Home Use

EndNote Licence for Work Use

Equipment Disposal

Equipment Registration

  • Register equipment - that has already been purchased - to the Massey University Network at Equipment Registration.
  • The form can only be completed by Massey staff members or approved students - visitors, contractors etc. must ask others to submit the form on their behalf.
  • Once submitted, the details are emailed to the nominated Account Controller for review.
  • A copy of the details is displayed on-screen.
  • If approved, the Account Controller forwards the details to the Service Desk for registration.
  • Confirmation of the equipment registration will be sent to the Registrant.

MS Home Use Program (HUP) 

  • Available to Massey staff only for purchase available Microsoft products via a personal credit card.
  • Purchases are made via the Home Use Program.

Departmental Photocopy Card

  • This form is to request a departmental photocopy card only - for printing, please see the Printing FAQs.
  • Download the  Departmental Photocopy Card form (165 KB) to request departmental photocopy cards.
  • These cards can be used for photocopying by contract, visiting, fixed-term and non-permanent staff members in the swipe card readers on photocopiers.
  • Scan the form and log a request with the Service Desk via AskUs ( and attach the completed form to your request.
  • If the form is emailed to the ITS Service Desk, do not send a paper copy.


Software Request for Massey owned computers

SPSS and AMOS - Staff

  • Available for installation on Massey and home computers.
  • See SPSS for more information

SPSS and AMOS - Students

Staples for Fuji Xerox MFDs

Email and Calendar

Email Alias Creation

Generic (Shared) Mailbox

Mailing List Creation

Help and Training

ITS Training Registration

View courses and modules, choose from a calendar or list of training events and register yourself to attend using the ITS Training Registration site.

Training Enquiry

Can’t find training courses or modules you are looking for? Submit a training enquiry form online to request new training.


Attended training and want to provide us with feedback about your training experience?  Submit a training feedback form online.

Networks and Connectivity

Domain Name Registration

Non-Standard User Registration - MUEvents Wireless Network Access

  • Download the  MUEvents Wireless Network Access (266 KB) form to request setup of temporary wireless network access for a conference.
  • The form must be signed by the Massey sponsor.
  • Charges apply if ITS technical support is required - the account controller must then sign the form.
  • The form must be returned to the Service Desk, PN460, at least 10 working days ahead of the conference start date.
  • After your request has been completed and the MUEvents network set up, you can find information on getting connected at:


Firewall (Proxy / Relay) Bypass

  • Apply for firewall relay or bypass online at Firewall Bypass.
  • Once submitted, the approval email will need to be forwarded to the Service Desk by the authoriser.

URL Reverse Proxy

  • Apply for renewal for URL Reverse Proxy online at URL Reverse Proxy Application.
  • Once submitted, the approval email will need to be forwarded to the Service Desk by the authoriser.



Software and Business Applications

ChiM / IM User Registration

  • Download the  ChiM User Registration form (15 KB) to gain access to the ChiM / IM database.
  • Scan the form and email it to the Service Desk (
  • If the form is emailed to the Service Desk, do not send a paper copy.

CMS User Registration

  • Fill out the online CMS User Registration form to gain access to Massey University's CMS web section.
  • The level of access to edit web content will need to be authorized by the site Content Owner.
  • If administrator access is required, ITS recommends completing the ShadoCMS courses available through ITS. Please see our training courses for more information.

CMS Credit Card Form Creation

CMS Web Section Creation

  • Fill out the online CMS User Registration form to gain access to Massey University's CMS staging web section.
  • Webmaster/Publisher equivalent must complete the form.

CMS Web Section Release

  • Download the  CMS Site Release form (75 KB) to set up users for shared access of a web section.
  • The form allows Content Owners to nominate user’s roles.
  • Content Owners must complete the form in full and return to the Web Content Manager.

CMS Request for Change

  • CMS Users may request a CMS change online by visiting CMS Request for Change.
  • Requests may include, for example, a small bug fix, or a request to introduce a development or service improvement to the CMS environment.
  • Requests will be submitted and prioritised by the CMS Change Advisory Board.

Course Environment

  • Information on registering course environments for students using the Computer Labs can be found at Request a paper environment
  • Complete the form in full and return via the internal mail to ITS Reception PN 460 (Turitea).
  • An email will be sent to the Paper Controller confirming the creation of the environment.

Stream Course Rollover

  • If a new course is to be created for the first time in Stream and there is no existing template, please complete the New Stream Site Request Form from the AskUs Portal.

Stream Guest Access

  • Guest access to Stream may be freely sponsored by any Massey staff member to anyone outside the University for legitimate business reasons.
  • Please log a request for a new Stream Guest User from the AskUs portal.
  • Filling in this form will only give access to the Stream application for the purposes of assisting with Teaching and Learning purposes.
  • The period of access is usually one year.


  • To request a course offering be added into SMS, please fill out the Request a Course Offering Form.
    Please Note: The request for an offering must be approved by the course coordinator. If the course is already published on the Massey website you must also gain College approval.


Network Disk Space

Add or Remove access to a Network (Shared) Drive

Strategic Services


Teaching and Research Computing

Computer Lab Booking Form

  • Booking a computer lab can now be done directly online via the Room Booking Tool in CMISGo. To book a lab please go to the teaching website —

Software for Papers and/or Computer Labs

Web and Collaboration

Web Hosting Account Request

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