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Target Audience: Massey University staff

The MigrateIT Service is available to all staff who are upgrading or changing their Windows PC or laptop. The service was developed to assist staff moving from Windows XP to Windows 7 machines, we've extended this to all staff who are:

  • Replacing an older computer with a new one
  • Moving permanently from one PC to another e.g. role change or repurpose
  • Upgrading from one version of Windows to another

MigrateIT is a Windows only service. You can use MigrateIT to move from a Windows PC to a Mac - but not vice versa.

What is MigrateIT?

The MigrateIT Service is a file copying process that can help you when moving to another/new PC.  MigrateIT scans the local hard drive then copies selected files and documents and stores them temporarily on a network server.  Once this has been completed the files can be reviewed and; if required can be restored onto a network shared drive or your new PC.

MigrateIT provides a secure method of moving business files and system data from a PC to network storage. Storing data on an external device such as a USB drive or on external services such as Dropbox introduces a significant risk to the University. If the external device fails, is damaged, lost or stolen, files are likely to be irretrievable. If the external service is compromised; then your data may also be compromised.

In order of preference user data should be stored on:

  1. Departmental network shared drives
  2. Home (H:) Drives
  3. Local hard drive

Note: you are responsible for regular backups of your local hard drive to a network location that is backed up, such as your home drive (H:)

How do I request MigrateIT?

I'm moving to another computer

If you're moving to another computer already purchased and installed, you can make use of MigrateIT too — it's not just for new purchases. Complete the MigrateIT request form below and we'll be in touch to discuss MigrateIT. We'll need at least 24 hours notice in order to get things ready to go and have you're files copied onto the MigrateIT servers.

A new computer is being purchased for me

When a new computer is purchased for you we will contact you to see if you'd like to use MigrateIT to move data and settings from your old machine to the new one right when you order a new PC.

What do I have to do..?

1. Review the files on your PC

Please review your personal and business files on the PC to ensure that unnecessary files are not copied. Consider whether any personal photos, videos, music, games etc. need to be migrated. Any software or data not complying with the Use And Access To Information Technology Systems Policy should be removed from your PC prior to using the service.

2. Complete the preparation checklist

MigrateIT preparation checklist (148 KB)

Although MigrateIT aims to capture standard business files; we also may need to capture non standard application data, files, product keys, hardware detail, driver details etc. Please complete the checklist with as much detail as possible. The information entered will be discussed with you at the time of your MigrateIT appointment.

3. Review the software report

A software report showing the applications installed on your PC will be discussed with you during the MigrateIT appointment. A Support Analyst will advise which of these applications are not automatically installed on your new PC and discuss the options available to you, this will usually involve either your department sourcing the installation media and licence from the vendor, or contacting the ITS Service Desk to install the software on your new PC.

What happens during a MigrateIT appointment?

At the appointment time ensure your computer is powered on and that you are available to speak to a ITS support staff member on the phone.

ITS support staff will call you to start a ConnectIT remote session to perform the Migration. We attempt to book appointments at a convenient time to you as your computer will not be available to use while MigrateIT is running.

The ITS support staff member will first ask you to restart your PC — while it's restarting they will discuss the MigrateIT Preparation Checklist with you. The migration process will be explained to you; including details of how you will be able to access your files after the migration is completed. As it may take some time for the migration process to complete, the ITS support member may leave the process running on your PC. You will be able to see when the process has finished as the Command prompt window will display: “Success”, “ScanState return code: 0” and Migration Completed.

Once the migration has finished:

  • Press any key to return to the main menu
  • Then Q to Quit the Migration Script. Your PC will now be available for you to use. 

You will receive an email from the ITS Support Analyst at the end of the migration, contained in the email is a link to your copied files. You should keep this in a safe place so you can access your data from your new PC.

What files will be copied?

Files that will be copied

Files that will be copied

MigrateIT will search your PC’s hard drive for the file types below:

File extensions that end with an asterisk * indicate a wildcard search. MigrateIT will copy files that match the extension plus one or more unspecified characters. e.g. xl* will capture files including .xls .xlt .xlsx etc.


.doc* .dot*


.accdb .mdb




.ppt* .pot*.pps*


.pst .msg .nk2









PHP Files







.mtw .mtp


.sas .lst .sas7dbat


.enl .enx .data


.sav .spv.sps

.spo .lis




System and default location files








Registry settings

Files that won't be copied

Files that won't be copied

Below is a selection of common file types that will not be migrated unless they are located in Documents, Pictures, Video or Music library folders.

.jpg .tiff .bmp
.dat .db .sql
.html .rss .xml
.txt .csv .log .rtf
.mp3 .mp4 .avi .wav

.com .bat .exe

.cab .sys .dll .cfg

.zip .tar .7z

Also excluded from the migration:

Files associated with applications included as part of Adobe Creative Cloud will not be included in the migration - with the exception of Adobe Acrobat (.pdf).

Dropbox and Google Drive folders are excluded as these are synced with a cloud account.

Retention time for copied files

Once MigrateIT has finished copying files, they will be available on the network for 5 weeks. During this time you will have Read Only access to these files, this is an opportunity to review what files you need and to copy them to a network drive — or to your new PC.

After the file retention time has passed, your files will no longer be available.

Definition of terms

Business files:

Any data / information directly or indirectly related to individual end user’s role, job description, department and / or Massey University.

Software report:

ITS use a reporting tool called Lansweeper, this identifies applications on your existing PC that are not contained on the Massey software image, i.e. the software that will not automatically be installed on a replacement PC. We aim to provide you with this information in advance so you have time to arrange a replacement if required.

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