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Issue 50: October

  • A new way to order computers via AskUs
  • SPSS 26 beta now available
  • Stay vigilant on email security
  • New in Student Portal: Qualifications Overview tool and timetable feature
  • Monthly Windows updates
  • Upcoming network outages

Issue 49: September

  • Your personalised productivity insights from Microsoft MyAnalytics
  • Advisory on the latest Windows 10 version upgrade
  • Using fax? What you need to do to prevent Faxsploit
  • A new look for Massey Uni app
  • OneMassey is now Internet Explorer-compatible
  • Monthly Windows updates
  • Upcoming network outages

Issue 48: August

  • Upgrade to the latest Windows 10 version at your convenience
  • OneMassey intranet is getting a fresh, new look soon
  • What to do before disposing your Massey iPad
  • Online Archive coming soon to Outlook email
  • Help review the Data Management Policy
  • Monthly software updates

Issue 47: July

  • Which laptop is best for you? Laptop roadshow invite
  • Planned outage for the Student Management System
  • OneMassey is getting a fresh, new look
  • New touch panels in shared teaching and learning spaces
  • A new way to order computers via AskUs coming August 2018
  • Stay alert for phone scams

Issue 46: June

  • Install Windows updates at your convenience
  • A new look for Software Center
  • Stay vigilant on email security
  • Coming soon: A new way to order computers via AskUs
  • Office 365 to hide groups from Outlook address book
  • Change in the Service Desk call prompt

Issue 45: May

  • Network upgrades underway across all campuses
  • OneMassey is changing soon
  • Register your SPSS work-at-home requirements for Semester 2

Issue 44: April

  • Create, collaborate, and communicate with Microsoft Office 365
  • Enrol in Office 365 introductory webinars
  • How to change AskUs theme
Issue 43: March
  • Work online anytime, anywhere with Microsoft Office 365
  • Sign up for Office 365 online training
  • How to share files and folders with OneDrive for Business

Issue 42: February

  • New computers in lecture theatres and computer labs
  • New VPN service coming soon
  • Reminder: Changes in IBM SPSS licences for 2018
  • How to log an IT request or fault


Issue 41: December

  • Before you leave for the holidays
  • AskUs tip: Track and update your request

Issue 40: November

  • Free access to Qualtrics
  • New Massey mobile device plans
  • Changes in IBM SPSS work-at-home licences for 2018
  • What to do with spam

Issue 39: August

  • Windows 10 security updates
  • ITS training in Palmerston North can come directly to you
  • Support for Adobe Flash discontinued
  • AskIT tips & tricks
  • Reminder: ITS Service Desk voice prompts have changed

Special edition: Coming Monday 17th July - A new look for AskIT

Issue 38: June

  • Software updates to prevent WannaCry attack
  • Update to Internet Explorer 11
  • Apple hardware models under constraint
  • Priority upgrades available for Windows 7 Office 2010 devices to Windows 10 / Office 2016
  • SPSS at home for staff, post-graduate, and undergrad students

Issue 37: April

  • Free Microsoft Office 2016 for work computers
  • Gain a globally recognised Microsoft or Adobe industry credential
  • Windows 10 will be rolled out gradually to compatible staff computers
  • Insecure password warning in Firefox

Issue 36: February

  • Get SPSS at home for research and course material preparation
  • Applocker will block potentially harmful programs
  • Please restart Windows 7 computers
  • ITS training registration site has moved

Issue 35: January

  • Adds, Moves and Changes of Staff locations
  • Upgrade to Mac OS Sierra now available
  • Use of Maori macrons
  • Beware of the sophisticated Gmail scam


Issue 34: December

  • Before you leave for the holidays
  • OneMassey collaboration sites work best on Internet Explorer
  • Please ensure you have submitted your software requests for computer labs
  • Staff may need to reset their desk phones manually on 14th of January
  • Reminder: New computers will have Windows 10 instead of Windows 7

Issue 33: November

  • Adobe users must download new licences
  • Computer labs are changing to Windows 10 and Office 2016
  • Staff may need to reset their desk phones manually next Monday
  • Inactive equipment will be disconnected from Massey's network
  • Reminder: New computers will have Windows 10 instead of Windows 7

Issue 32: October 

  • Windows 10 resources for staff with new computers
  • Reminder: Check that software works on Windows 10 before ordering a new computer
  • Windows 7 support and backwards compatibility will end—get help with planning future hardware requirements

Issue 31: October

  • New computers will be the first to run on Windows 10 
  • Staff with new Windows 10 computers will gain access to Office 365 online services
  • Issues with working outside Massey on new Mac Sierra operating system
  • Dell monitors out of supply
  • Yahoo! announces significant cyber security breach
  • Let people call you directly

Issue 30: August

  • AskIT improvements coming thanks to staff feedback
  • ITS Training workshops

Special edition - How not to be a victim of an email scam

  • Phishing and ransomware
  • How not to be a victim of an email scam

Issue 29: July

  • Review of Vodafone mobile data on Massey mobile devices
  • The Computer Hardware Catalogue is open again
  • Quickly request IT system access for new staff members or authorised contractors

Issue 28: July

  • New AskIT portal launched today

Issue 27: June

  • Online Meetings - freedom to meet anyone, anywhere
  • VC rooms can now join Lync/Skype for Business online meetings
  • Important notice for SMS users on Mac
  • Nuisance calls - don't be afraid to hang up

Issue 26: May

  • Guest WiFi now available
  • Helpful test results for intranet menu, thanks to staff
  • Upcoming audit for Staff network access, and network access requests
  • ZendTo file transfer service now available
  • Potential RAM upgrade for eligible Windows computers
  • Update on Windows laptop stock

Special edition

  • Out of stock items in ITS catalogue

Issue 25: April

  • Scheduled maintenance for key phone lines, including 0800 MASSEY
  • OneMassey: No more multiple login prompts while off-campus

Issue 24: March

  • Join the effort - build our staff intranet
  • Swap faulty Apple wall plug adapters at Information Commons
  • Windows 10 currently in pilot phase
  • Check MySpam, not Junk Mail, for blocked email

Issue 23: February

  • Update on faulty Apple wall plug adaptors, including iPhone
  • Recheck your Toshiba laptop battery pack
  • A software management tool will be installed on all Massey-owned Windows computers
  • Get software easily on Windows computers
  • Get software easily on Macs
  • SPSS activation codes for 2016
  • Improved security for online transactions
  • Delivery delays for new PC orders
  • The worst passwords of 2015

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