Frequently Asked Questions for Massey Uni app


Who is the app for?

The Massey Uni app is designed for Students studying at Massey University. The app has features (like the map) that are useful to anyone visiting Massey.

Distance Students, Visitors and Staff won't have a timetable, but all the other app features (like the map) will be available.


How do I find a place using the app?

On the map are most buildings, lecture theatres, labs, and points of interest.

From the map
To search by the name of the place you're looking for, tap the search button.
To show all of the buildings, shops, departments etc, open the menu by tapping the menu button, and tap the types of places to display.

From your timetable
Tap the pin button or the room code.


I am being asked to login, do I have to?

Login is optional. Only current students can login.
If you don't login, the only feature you will not be able to use is the timetable.


Why don't I see changes in my timetable in the app?

The timetable in the app doesn't automatically update. To get any changes into the app, go to the student portal, edit your timetable and save it, then download it to the app again.
If you can see multiple semesters in the student portal, make sure you go into each tab and save each semester separately.


What devices can run the app?

The app is supported on the following software versions:
  • Android phones and tablets with version 6.0 (Marshmallow) and newer.
  • Apple iPhone and iPad devices with iOS 10.0 and newer


Why are some of my papers or lecturers missing from the Student Portal timetable?

If your paper has classes that are not in your student portal timetable, ask your paper coordinator to have them added.


How do I get the app?


How do I get my timetable to display?

There are two parts to this. Both will need your Student ID and password.

  1. Save your timetable on the Student Portal

    Go to the Student Portal ( and log in with your Student ID and password.
    Click the Timetable link on the Student Portal Study menu
    Select the semester you want to edit the timetable of
    Expand all the events you want, and close all those you don't.
    Click the save changes button

If you can see multiple semesters in the student portal e.g. Semester 2, Summer Semester, make sure you go into each tab and save each semester separately.

  1. Download the saved timetable to the app

    Open the Massey uni app.
    Login to the app (if you are not already logged in).
    Your timetable will download automatically every 5 hours.
    If you know that it has changed and want to refresh it, go to the timetable screen and tap the refresh button or the 'Tap to refresh' link.


Why do I keep getting an error...

"No Connection. Check your WiFi or mobile data connection"?

Poor connection:
This means that your phone has lost its internet connection when the app was trying to use it.

If you're walking around on campus this can happen as you move out of range of WiFi and get a weak WiFi connection — whether or not you have mobile data switched on. If you're moving around (e.g. between buildings) it's best to be using your mobile data.
Check you are connected to the internet, then close and reopen the app.
Proxy server:
You may have a proxy server set, which you are not authenticated with.

Either use your device's browser to open a web page, and you will be asked to authenticate. Or remove the proxy server from your wireless configuration.


When I use the map, why do I keep getting messages about not being able to show my location?

The map uses GPS to show your current location (the yellow person icon). If you get the error, it may be because you're indoors and the device can't get a good GPS signal, or it may be that your device doesn't have GPS.

But if you're outdoors and get the problem:

  • iOS – Location services may be switched off for the device, or just for the Massey Uni app. Go to Settings, Privacy, Location services.
  • Android – GPS or Location services may be switched off. Go to Settings, Location services to check.

I can't login

Error message: No Connection. This function requires an internet connection.

To login you need to be connected to the internet. Connect and try again.

Error message: Error Either your Student ID/password is incorrect or you are not a current student studying at Massey University.

The student ID and password supplied failed AD authentication. This may be because:

  • The student ID or password was wrong
  • The Student ID is for someone not currently studying at Massey
  • The account isn't allowed to login, e.g. canned (overdue fees), locked out (too many failed login attempts).


How much space will the app need?

The app takes up approximately 6MB of space, however it will also use your device’s cache to store map images and the details of events you save.


Where will the app work?

The app will work anywhere. There are some features (like map and timetable download) that need an internet connection. That connection can be your home/private WiFi, Massey WiFi or mobile data.


How do I report a problem?


On the timetable screen I get the message "Could not update timetable..."

Two causes:

There is no saved timetable

You have no timetable saved. Go to the Student Portal ( and save a timetable.

There is a problem with the saved timetable that needs to be resolved.

Go to the Student Portal (, edit the timetable and re-save for all semesters.
Your saved timetable referred to a class that has since been removed.


Why are some of my classes I selected in the Student Portal missing from the app timetable?

The app hasn't refreshed the timetable yet
The app only refreshes the timetable every 5 hours. You'll need to tap the refresh button on the timetable screen.
Some classes don't run every week
If you have downloaded your latest timetable it may be because not all classes start on first week, or run every week, check that the missing class isn't in later weeks.


I've downloaded my timetable, but now I want to remove it from the app, what do I do?

Log out of the app — tap the log out button.
Or if you have been logged out already tap the Remove my personal information link on the main screen.


The app says I've logged out

Login lasts for 90 days, after which you'll need to login again. When the login expires, the app will keep your timetable but won't be able to update it.
You can delete your timetable by tapping Remove my personal information on the main screen.


What happens when I log out?

Your timetable is deleted from the device.    

Contact us


Report a bug

You can report a bug by emailing a description of the problem to

If you don't want us to get in touch for more detail, please let us know.

Staff and visitors

Contact the Service Desk

If you are having trouble with the app please let the Service Desk know by:
  • Phone 06-356-9099 ext. 82111 (preferred method), or via

  • AskUs to log a request online (staff only)

  • If you don't want us to get in touch for more detail, please let us know.