Network security change: 802.1x deployment 

This work is part of the Information Security Project TB14.105.

What is happening?

Information Technology Services will be installing 802.1x on all Massey owned computers thereby ensuring that they continue to connect to the internet as ITS rolls out further network security changes this year.

The most important change will be the replacement of existing proxy caches. When ITS turns off these existing proxy caches, users will need 802.1x on their computers to access external websites.


  • ITS will check that computers have the correct network settings. If not, ITS will deploy the correct settings remotely.
  • ITS will update software on the existing network infrastructure in each building. Staff will be notified as their building will have a network outage. 


The project team will then notify Massey staff when 802.1x is ready to be deployed to the computers in their area as this will require an outage to network services.


802.1x will be enabled automatically on most computers. Staff will be asked to restart their computers for the changes to take effect.

Staff who want to install 802.1x manually, will find the hotfix files and instructions in AskUs: How do I manually install Windows 7 802.1x hotfixes?

Contact the Service Desk if you experience any errors.


When will it happen?

The deployment dates for each building can be found in the ITS Forward Schedule of Change


What is 802.1x?

802.1x is a network access control standard that allows authenticated users or devices access to the campus network. The purpose of 802.1x is to accept or reject users who want to access certain parts of Massey’s network, for example, staff and students may have different levels of access.

The benefits of Implementing 802.1x

  • It improves data network security.
  • It allows the creation of firewall rules based on users, rather than on computer IP addresses.
  • It enables Single Sign-On for compatible services meaning users should see fewer authentication prompts.


What about devices that do not support or are incapable of using 802.1x?

Most computers will be able to use 802.1x, but those that can’t may cease to have internet access.

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