Standard Operating Environment

Target Audience: Massey staff

The Standard Operating Environment (SOE) is defined as a set of approved standard hardware, software, operating systems and configurations that are supported by ITS.

Massey University Information Technology Services (ITS) support staff maintains a Desktop Standard Operating Environment (SOE). The Standard Operating Environment (SOE) is designed to ensure that the large number of desktop and notebook computers provide the necessary ICT functionality to staff and students; can be imaged, maintained, updated, audited and repaired by Information Technology Services (ITS) staff in a manner that improves availability and reliability, with a minimum disruption to staff and students; and at a cost that is appropriate to the University.

The delivery of the Standard Operating Environment (SOE) to client computers is facilitated by the utilisation of automated deployment and management tools. The expanded use of automation tools across all levels of Information Technology Services (ITS) infrastructure, systems and services is designed to minimise support costs.

As part of its objective to provide cost effective and efficient management of ICT resources, Information Technology Services (ITS) maintains a Standard Operating Environment (SOE) comprising a preferred minimum specification of hardware and software products, configurations and management tools.

The full Standard Operating Environment (SOE) Guideline can be viewed at SOE Guideline.


Hardware at Massey

Standard hardware, Operating Systems and configurations that are supported by Information Technology Services (ITS).


Software at Massey

Standard software and Operating Systems that are supported by Information Technology Services (ITS).


SOE Guideline

This guideline outlines the scope and approach to the Computer Desktop Standard Operating Environment (SOE) implemented by Massey University.


Mac at Massey

OS X is the operating system that powers every Mac. Built on a rock-solid UNIX foundation, it’s engineered to take full advantage of what the hardware is capable of.

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iPad at Massey

iPad and iOS are enabling businesses to reimagine traditional work practices in astounding new ways — learn more about iPad at Massey.

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Software at home

Looking for software at home?

A limited set of software is available from ITS for home install.

See Software at home for more information.

Other hardware:

Departmental servers

Departmental servers

Target Audience: Massey University staff

Information Technology Services (ITS) provides operational, systems, management and maintenance support for multi-user workstations/servers owned by departments. Many departments lack either the resources or expertise needed to support multi-user systems — Information Technology Services (ITS) have or are able to outsource both. In many cases this service will be more cost effective than a department attempting to provide or develop their own.

For information on Information technology Services (ITS) hosted departmental servers, see Departmental servers. If Information Technology Services (ITS) is not able to facilitate your server request or you would like to host the server yourself — an Exception request should be made.



Printing services are available to staff and postgraduate students who are registered on the Massey network with a user code. Undergraduate and postgraduate students using a Student ID have automatic access to printing services in the computer labs.

To request a new printer — please Contact ITS. The following information may be required:

  • The proposed location of the new printer
  • If black and white and/or colour is required
  • The number of people who are going to be using the new printer
  • What functionality, besides printing, is required. e.g photocopying, scanning/emailing, fax

More information about printers and the printing service, including connecting to a printer — can be found under FAQs, printing.


Hardware toolkit

Use the toolkit to register equipment, query the equipment database and view servicing, repair and disposal information.

Register equipment

Computer hardware and equipment must be registered on the Massey wired and MUStaff wireless networks.

Target Audience: Staff and Postgraduate students with a user code

Equipment must be registered to access the Massey wired and MUStaff wireless networks and related infrastructure. Personal equipment used when working from home via Virtual Private Network (VPN) must also be registered.

  • Register Equipment
  • Once submitted, a copy of the details are emailed to the nominated Account Controller
  • If approved, the Account Controller will forward the email to the Service Desk
  • Confirmation of the registration will be sent to the Registrant

Equipment information

MigrateIT (File Transfer Service)

The MigrateIT Service is a file copying process that can help you when moving to another/new PC.  MigrateIT scans the local hard drive then copies selected files and documents and stores them temporarily on a network server.  Once this has been completed the files can be reviewed and; if required can be restored onto a network shared drive or your new PC.

Read more on the MigrateIT service


Servicing and repairs

Technical support for computer hardware must be requested via the Service Desk. More information on warranty and non warranty repairs including quotes for repair can be found inside.


Disposal process

Information on the disposal process can be found inside, including objectives, procedure, process and what happens to disposal equipment.

A charge for disposal applies where a machine is not picked up with new machine delivery.

Contact the Service Desk

Phone 06-356-9099 ext. 82111 (preferred method)

7:45am - 5pm, Monday to Friday
(excluding Public and University holidays)

Out-of-hours Support

AskUsSelf-Service to log a request online (staff)

Full contact details

Other ITS Information

IT Services Dashboard (staff)




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