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Video Linked Teaching (VLT)

Target audience: Massey University staff

The Video linked Teaching rooms are flexible teaching rooms with video conferencing for interactive video linked teaching and learning. The rooms are designed for teaching between campuses.

Massey offers two types of Video link Teaching (VLT) rooms.

  1.  Facilitated Video Link Teaching.
  2.  Unfacilitated / Self operated Video link teaching.

Service Definition

Information regarding Service Definition can be located here

Booking and access:

Bookings for teaching and learning may be submitted at any time with priorities assigned according to the Principles of use.  Bookings for non-teaching meetings and events will be considered after the teaching timetable is established for each semester.

Booking to all these rooms are made via Timetable.

Things to remember.

  1.  The VLT rooms are not intended to be booked as a standalone room. They must be booked in pairs.
  2.  Mediasite recordings of the VLT session are booked separately by log a request online via AskUs. Any issues please contact the Service Desk and select Stream,
  3.  AT3 should always be booked If Mediasite recording is required for unfacilitated VLT rooms.

Types of Video link Teaching (VLT) rooms

Facilitated Video link Teaching

These rooms have a facilitator in each room to make sure your class goes as planned; the facilitators can remotely monitor the video and audio and make changes to the equipment during the class to ensure a good experience.

Once the rooms are booked in Timetable, a facilitator will contact you in advance for discussions around viewing the room or how you would like to get your class setup during the semester. Staff can also contact the Service Desk and select the option for ITS to request a demonstration and to discuss requirements with a facilitator.

Location - GLB1.14 (Manawatu Campus) and AT4 (Auckland campus) are the main VLT rooms. 5C17 (Wellington campus) can be linked if required but has reduced functionality.

Note: It is essential that you have people in each room to arrange the furniture during the 10 minutes setup session prior to your booking. The Video Communications Facilitator is not tasked to rearrange furniture.

Unfacilitated / Self operated Video link Teaching

These rooms are self-operated with a similar design to a normal teaching space. These rooms are not facilitated.

Staff are encouraged to use self-help guides and book test sessions in the rooms. Please see the Quick reference guide and full user guide for instructions on how to operate the rooms. ITS delivers training for these rooms at a start of the first semester. Please contact the Service Desk and select the option for ITS if you would like to be invited to any future training.

There is a phone in the room to ring for assistance during classes, the numbers to ring (urgent and non-urgent) are displayed in the room.

Location - SGP 1.02 (Manawatu Campus), AT3 (Auckland Campus) and 5C17 (Wellington Campus) are the unfacilitated Video link Teaching rooms in Massey.

Things to remember.

  1. The Media site recorder is in room AT3. AT3 must be included in the booking if you wish to record from SGP 1.02 or 5C17 and you must have requested a recording be scheduled.
  2. The unfacilitated VLT rooms will auto-answer calls from another unfacilitated VLT room. Calls from other rooms (including facilitated VLT rooms) will NOT be auto answered. Instead, someone in the room receiving the call must press the Accept Call on touch panel to connect the caller or press the Decline Call.
  3. After the call is connected to the remote room, the presenter can control the remote camera. Follow the Quick reference guide for instructions.
  4. It is recommended to wear a lapel mic or handheld mic for better recording quality.

Contact ITS

Contact the Service Desk

Phone 06-356-9099 ext. 82111 (preferred method)

7:45am - 5pm, Monday to Friday
(excluding Public and University holidays)

Out-of-hours Support

AskUs Self-Service to log a request online (staff)

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