Accreditation and registration

All Massey University qualifications are accredited through an inter-university peer review and approval process and registered on relevant frameworks in accordance with the Education Act 1989. Additionally a number of qualifications hold some form of accreditation for professional purposes.

CUAP Approval Process

All new qualifications are accredited through Universities New Zealand Committee on University Academic Programmes (CUAP) which involves a rigorous peer review by leading New Zealand disciplinary experts.

CUAP hold two approval rounds each year in May and September to consider proposals for new, significantly, or deleted qualifications and specialisations. Applications for approval to offer existing CUAP approved programmes offshore may be submitted at any time for consideration by a sub-committee of CUAP, convened as necessary for that purpose.

Registration – TEC, Studylink, NZQF

All Massey University qualifications are registered as compliant with New Zealand legislative requirements. Once approved through the CUAP approval process, qualifications are registered with the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC), with StudyLink, and on the New Zealand Qualification Framework (NZQF).

Registration ensures that:

  • The University receives appropriate Student Achievement Contribution SAC funding through the TEC
  • International students’ letters of offer are recognised for the awarding of student visas
  • Graduates’ qualifications are recognised abroad
  • Students can receive StudyLink funding

This diagram outlines the stages of the accreditation and registration process.

Accreditation Process

Professional accreditation

A number of qualifications are recognised or accredited by professional bodies in addition to their accreditation by CUAP. Professional accreditation is validation by external agencies that Massey University qualifications have met the standards set by national and international experts.

Massey University currently has over forty qualifications across all Colleges accredited by thirty four national and international accrediting agencies, with new accreditations being applied for every year. The accreditation requirements for these professional bodies are rigorous and on-going. Once a qualification has been accredited it is monitored regularly by the accrediting body to ensure continued compliance and that standards are maintained.

Students, their parents, stakeholders and leading education providers can be assured of the quality of Massey University’s qualifications through the achievement of accreditation. Professional accreditation can lead to greater international collaboration, act as a tool for showcasing and promoting qualifications on the international stage, and provide additional benefits to students who graduate with an accredited qualification. Accreditations are sought for a number of reasons including but not limited to:

  • Reputation enhancement
  • Professional registration
  • Employment requirement
  • To attract students (domestic and international)
  • To allow our graduates to work in other countries
  • Legal compliance
  • International benchmarking
  • International standing
  • Stakeholder expectation

Accreditation Register (29 KB)

Qualification lifecycle consultancy services

The Qualification Lifecycle Team support academic units through:

  • Submission of proposals to the CUAP Approval Process
  • Coordinating reviews by Massey staff of other NZ university proposals
  • Monitoring and managing responses to reviews of Massey proposals
  • Briefing the University’s member of CUAP on proposals and outcomes
  • Registering qualifications on relevant frameworks
  • Collating University documents for professional accreditation

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