Why use our services and resources

There are good reasons why you should use our services and resources. The following 10 bullet points explain why students value and highly rate the services and resources provided by the Centres for Teaching and Learning.

1. Positive focus

We focus on the positives and help to make even assignment writing enjoyable.

2. Build self-belief

We help students to recognise and believe in their own abilities – because we do

3. Totally committed

We are totally committed to the best interests of our students - even when they find it hard to be!

4. High quality feedback

We provide high quality feedback exactly when it’s most needed – before, not after, grading.

5. Respect individual needs

We understand and respect unique individual needs and capabilities of each and every student.

6. We make a difference

We aim to make a positive difference to student success in every workshop, consultation and resource we are involved in.

7. Experience success

Students who use our services understand what lecturers want from assignments and are more successful.

8. Develop confidence

Students who use our services develop confidence in producing better quality academic writing.

9. More prepared for success

Students returning after a long absence from study feel more prepared to meet academic requirements.

10. Passion for learning

For us, learning is much more than a necessity; it’s our passion!