The work of the Student Surevy and Evaluation Unit is based around the following five core objectives:

  1. Promote, manage and report key data sets based on the University’s Survey Framework
  2. Lead and coordinate a consultancy service to support academic staff, programme coordinators and Campus Centres for Teaching and Learning to enhance the quality of teaching and learning through evidence- based decisions.
  3. Foster a culture of quality enhancement in teaching and learning through a range of targeted actions and activities aligned with university priorities
  4. Manage Copyright and Academic Integrity
  5. Support the Applied Learning Strategy

Guiding Principles

A number of guiding principles underpin the SSEU’s approach to teaching and learning evaluation:

  1. The Promotion of quality enhancement with evaluation leading to action
  2. The Unit strives to work in close partnership with Colleges and Campus Centres for Teaching and Learning.
  3. Evaluation depends on a multi-facetted approach drawing on a range of both quantitative and qualitative data sources.
  4. Decisions needs to be data driven and evidence-based using valid, reliable and triangulated data sources.
  5. Initiatives align with and support the overarching strategic direction of Colleges and the University.

Contact Details

Malcolm Rees

Registry Building
Level 4
Manawatu Campus

Postal Address:
Student Survey and Evaluation Unit
National Centre for Teaching and Learning
Private Bag 11 222
Palmerston North 4474

Phone: +64 6 356 9099 extn: 5458
Email: g.gulbransen@massey.ac.nz